Winter Treatment Recommendations

Dear hairstylists,


A friendly reminder, weather forecasters are predicting another harsh winter air mass coming into Canada as early as this week. As you already know, hair extensions have gone through processing in order to deposit colour and hair extensions can't get natural oils from the scalp.  For these reasons, they require regular hydrating treatments especially during the winter time. We noticed that hair extensions users have been experiencing an increased chance of their hair being dry and matting this winter due to it being colder than usual. In order to maintain the hair extensions in this weather hydrating treatments are a must and not an option. We would strongly recommend hairstylists to inform their clients that they need regular professional deep treatments to maintain their hair extensions. In the case that end users can't make it to the salon for regular treatments, we recommend them to use BioSilk Silk Therapy leave-in serum. It takes only a couple of minutes to apply to dry or wet hair. It can be done on a daily basis. It helps to keep the hair from drying out due to the cold weather.  Regarding shampoo and conditioner, we recommend the Joico Color Endure line which has a low PH level between 4.5 - 5.5 which is supposed to be the optimal PH level for hair. High PH level products will increase the chance to make the hair dry and cause matting. A good treatment schedule is an essential part of the hair extension experience which will prolong the life of hair extensions. Thank you for taking the time to read this recommendation.  We wish you all a wonderful winter!

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