Infinitude Donates Pink Extensions to the Canadian Cancer Society

Infinitude Donates to Canadian Cancer Society

On October 16, 2015, Infinitude donated pink hair extensions to the Canadian Cancer Society's annual Heels for Hope event. Heels for Hope is an annual women only charity event held in Belleville, Ontario to support cancer research and to help local people living with cancer. Learn more about Heels for Hope here:

"So I absolutely love the micro-loop! They are so easy to work with!
I'm so excited for tonight's event :)"

- Tasha from Glimmer Hair Studio

The theme for the night was "Prom Night!" Tasha, from Glimmer Hair Studio, installed our Pink Micro-Loop Hair Extensions on party-goers to help raise money for charity.


Here are a few photos from the event:

Heels for Hope Event Photo 1

Heels for Hope Event Photo 2

Heels for Hope Event Photo 3

Congratulations to Tasha and the Canadian Cancer Society for holding a wonderful and lively event.


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