Customer Hair Care for Extensions

  1. Do not shampoo your hair for 24 hours after application. This allows the bonds to set properly.
  2. Wash your hair gently. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week by tilting your head back and lathering your hair from top to bottom.
  3. Avoid volumizing, sulphate, silicone and oil products. These products can cause damage when in direct contact with your hair extensions.
  4. Use conditioner often and hair masks once a month. Keep your strands soft and luxurious with moisturizing treatments. Avoid using these products on your bonds.
  5. Avoid sleeping with wet hair. Dry your bonds immediately by using a blow dryer. Before going to bed, tie your hair in a loose pony tail or braid to minimize knotting.
  6. Brush your hair lightly. Use an extension brush and start with sections starting from the bottom. Elongate your strokes gradually, incorporating more hair as you get closer to your scalp. This will minimize tangling.
  7. Be delicate with hot tools. Keep heated tools away from your bonds and avoid overhead dryers.
  8. Avoid exposure to sand, salt water, chlorinated water, sulphur and mineral salts. from hot springs If your extensions are in contact with any of these elements, it is best to wash your hair immediately to prevent damage. Wear a swim cap if possible.

Follow these tips to give your hair extensions the best care. Following these steps will give you extension longevity, while feeling smooth and soft.