Braids and Ponytails for 2020

Spring is around the corner. With that comes many fresh new looks and modernized classic looks. Whichever look you decide to try, you will make a beautiful bold statement everywhere you go.














Braids are really taking a comeback this 2020 spring season. The braid is a classic look that has been around for centuries. So why is this look still so popular today? Because of how easy and versatile it can be. Loose braid, side braid, multiple braids, braids with ribbons, braids with headbands, jewelery, and even flowers give you the freedom to wear a different braid daily if you choose with a constant fun and creative change up.













Thick braids and fishtail braids with a 2020 modern twist leaves them looking extra thick with adding multiple layers. Add some colourful seasonal ribbons into the braids for a fresh fashionable look. Be creative!














Another classic look that is quite popular this spring season is the ponytail. Fun experimenting with the ponytail, you are left with unlimited options. Modern shows like Game of Thrones and the Witcher are having ladies create different looks than just the classic ponytail. Ropes, ribbons and even jewels are being added to give a striking viking queen look. Decorate the ponytail with diamonds or pearls for a classy elegant look to show off on a evening out.


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