Custom Toupees

Our custom toupees are all hand tied and can be personalized with extra additions that suit your needs. All toupees come with 5" of hair with 110-120% medium density.
Please contact N.H.E. at (905) 604-6680 for more details. 
Choose from the following list of options to make your perfect toupee:
  • 18x20cm
  • 20x25cm
Hair Type
  • Premium Remy (any colour from our chart)             
  • Virgin Indian Hair (natural black)
  • Synthetic (for grey hair)
  • Yak (for grey hair)

Extra Customizations 

  • Increase length of hair by inch
  • Increase density by 10%
  • Make into a full men's wig
  • Add a silk top
  • Add Double drawn for 14" + hair
  • Add Injected hair PU base
  • Add V-Loop hair PU base
  • Add Bleached knots