When is it too much Hair?

When it comes to hair extensions, everyone has a different look they are trying to achieve.  Some are looking to change their whole look with maybe a completely different colour. Others, looking for length and then there are some who are looking for volume and thickness. Whatever you are looking for, hair extensions can do that for you.

For that extra volume and thicker hair, you must ask yourself: How much do you really need? Are you looking for straight hair or curly? Curly hair and straight hair are on the opposite sides of the density spectrum, therefore, you have to take in consideration when you're trying to decide. Also, what type of method: Fusion, Tape, Sew In?..etc.  With fusion and sew-in wefts, you can usually use more hair because of how much room these methods take up. With trying to achieve fullness, tape extensions may not be the best extension method because of how wide the tabs are, you are limited.  All these factors play an important role in the final look.

Once you have chosen your extension method, the next step would be choosing how many grams for a full head. Generally, hair extension sets are in 70 to 100 gram packages. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, 70 gram sets are not enough hair for a full head,  unless the hair length of the set is on the shorter side.  For average thickness, the 150 grams would be ideal. 3 to 4 hair extensions wefts will be enough for a full head.  For medium to thick hair, we suggest 120 to 180 grams.  

We see much in the media like fashion magazines, photo shoots, models &  celebrities with huge lush flowing hair. Women are always trying to achieve the look they see but do not be fooled by this. Most of what you see is hair extensions that are only added for the picture and then is photo-shopped to look even bigger. Because of this, some women try to achieve this look with even more hair. You can find some women putting in up to 220 to 300 grams. Unless you are an expert and have been doing this for years, it is highly recommend to stay in the safe zone at 180 grams. Hair extensions need special care. Remember: The more the hair, the more the care. With all hair extensions, it is always suggested to braid your hair at night before bed as well as sleep with a silk night cap or a silk pillowcase. If you have a higher volume of hair, extra care must be taken by brushing your hair a few times daily to prevent matting and tangling.  This can happen more, especially at the nape of the neck with thicker volume.

Before getting any hair extensions, do your research. Find your look and then talk to a extension specialist.  Make sure the extension specialist is certified in at least 3 different types or more of extension applications. Why? Some hairdressers may only know how to install one type of extension and have become accustom to it. They may only like that type of extension and may give you misleading information for the look you are trying to achieve. (Ex: You may want a high volume of hair that you will wear up a lot. The hairdresser may only know how to do Tape and tells you that is the best for your look when fusion (U-Tip) would have been a proper option for that certain look. 

Make sure to have fun when looking for the right look and extensionist. There are many options out there today for hair extensions. Don't limit yourself.  Become the Goddess you always have been!


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