Mulled Wine Hair

A fun a popular look for the season that is just too pretty not to try. A beautiful colour that has been inspired from a yummy seasonal beverage.

Mulled Wine hair is the newest trend to take over, flooding social media and pouring out onto the streets and into salons. A cozy and warm seasonal beverage, mulled wine hair is characterized by deep red, almost purple hues and having small touches of orange and a chocolate-brown throughout giving such a pretty look. Just like the delicious drink. 

Mulled wine hair because it has all the different tones of reds, including some blue, violet, and true red, it has many dimensions, has a youthful appearance, and is a more modern way to pull off a deep, red colour. You can also customize it to suit your skin tone. A brighter berry tone flatters fairer people, while a dark merlot colour looks great on tan and deep complexions.

All unnatural hair colors, including mulled wine hair will require a bit of work to achieve. If you’re starting with a dark base color (like dark brown), then you’ll need to either lighten your hair first in order for your mulled wine tone to show up or choose a dyeing process that will add tone without the need of initial lightening. The darker your base color, the more sessions it may take to reach your desired shade. Color-treated hair should be cared for differently—so you’ll want to make a few changes to your hair care routine once you’ve gotten your dye job. Visiting a pro colorist is always a good option, as he or she can help guide you through the process. If you don’t want all-over color, consider asking your colorist to add a mulled wine hue just to your ends for a ombre look.

Make sure with your mulled wine hair or any colour treated hair, you must take extra care to keep it looking bright. Switch to a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask system that is geared to colour treated hair. Take care when washing your hair to not use hot water as high temperatures will strip the hair of important oils that will leave the hair dull and drab looking. Look into a professional gloss at the salon or purchase some to keep your hair looking shiny. Allowing your hair to air dry when you can will keep your hair healthier much longer as well as keeping the colour bright.


So when the temperatures drop even more, get your hair done then curl up by a warm fire, while swaddled in a nice chunky knitted blanket, and sip that glass of mulled wine. Mulled Wine Hair is back again for the season!

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